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Oakville Window Cleaning

High rise window cleaning in Oakville requires the use of specialized equipment to properly perform the job. Some of the equipment used includes bosun’s chairs, man-lifts, ladders and water-fed extension poles. The mostly widely used piece of equipment in high rise window cleaning is the bosun’s chair. The bosun’s chair, also called a boatswain’s chair, features a rigid seat that a person sits in and ropes which are used to raise and lower the person while they are cleaning the windows. The chair’s setup is easy and quick when compared to other types of equipment used in high rise window cleaning, Oakville based and everywhere else. The chair is also less obstructing and is not as noticeable to people inside and below the building as stage scaffolding. The bosun’s chair is considered to be the safest piece of equipment used for high rise window cleaning. The user wears a full body harness which is attached to a security line that is anchored to the roof. The bosun’s chair is used when windows cannot be reached with ladders or by using extension poles.